Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and the responsibilities of Directors continue to be very onerous. Recent cases such as Hardy’s and HIH highlight the demands and requirements on Directors. Ignorance is not a defence and can lead to either significant fines and in some cases imprisonment or both.

As well as company law, directors and officers need to be aware that a range of other rules affect their obligations as directors and officers of companies, including responsibilities under the trade practices legislation, environmental law, occupational health and safety, equal opportunity, taxation, and the new privacy principles. In addition the Commonwealth Criminal Code which came into effect on 15 December 2001 places a premium on compliance. The list of rules affecting directors is ever-increasing. Remember a failure to ensure that the company complies strictly with laws in these and other areas may have far-reaching ramifications for company directors and officers.

As members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors we can provide knowledge and experience to your organization in this complex  and ever changing area.

Our services include:

  • board evaluation
  • board governance
  • board representation
  • board recruitment
  • interim management

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