Business Advisory Services

Unlike larger costly Corporate Advisors, we focus on providing services to “Start-ups” and Small to Medium sized businesses and our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations of this size. We have the expertise to assist you to increase the value of your business. We also have extensive experience in establishing start-ups and managing existing businesses and can help you with our entrepreneurial skills to assess and actualize ideas with proven merit.

If you answer yes to any of the following then we would be interested in talking to you about how we can assist you to identify and reach your goals:

  • Are you in the market to buy or sell a business or do you want to maximize its potential?
  • Are you experiencing problems with the current growth phase of your business
  • Do you have staff problems
  • Do you have cash flow problems
  • Are you losing market share
  • Are you too busy to consider your future business development strategy
  • Do you suffer because you have not documented your procedures
  • Would you like a risk assessment undertaken of your business
  • Are you concerned that you may not be complying with current legislation relating to your business

What we do

Our team of specialists will evaluate your business and provide a solution on how you can make it more valuable and leverage untapped potential.

Let us be a partner in your future success. Let us help you.

Below are some of the areas we can assist your business with :

  • company structure and management
  • development of financial reporting systems
  • strategy development and implementation
  • review and implement improved business processes
  • knowledge management
  • business analysis
  • risk assessment
  • capital raising
  • project management
  • link and engage suitable government funding schemes and grants

Our Values

We believe in practical and cost effective advice
We believe in and rely on ethical, honest and transparent business practices
We believe in meeting deadlines
We believe in regular and open communication
We believe in adding value to your business
We believe in providing innovative solutions to your problems
We believe in respecting confidentiality and being discreet in our dealings

Business Improvement

As the old saying goes “sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees”.

When you are close to a business it can be difficult to see the problem and sometimes even more difficult to implement a solution. We can provide an objective and unemotional analysis of your business.

Typical services we offer are:

  • corporate restructure and turnaround
  • profit improvement studies
  • problem solving
  • financial and business management
  • export facilitation

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